Our Story

Troy and I (Jennifer) have been married for more than two decades, during which time have been blessed with 8 wonderful children: Emily, Alyssa, Isaiah, Elijah, Josiah, Samuel, Farah (waiting for us in heaven), and Talyah.  We have always had a heart for Missions, to take the good news of our hope in Jesus to those who have not heard, but recently this Missions heart has begun to beat in a new way.

When the Lord showed us the story of a little Ukranian boy who had a big need, we began to pray for him, and we believed that the Lord would have us adopt this precious child into our family.  (See the original article about "Yuri" here.  And an updated article from the Rebelution blog here.)

Though we tried and tried to adopt Yuri (and 2 other children) from Ukraine, the doors continued to close, yet adoption was still on our hearts and we continued to pray that the Lord would lead us where He wanted us to go.  We were led by events to a young boy, Sunny, in Hong Kong.  We are currently pursuing this adoption, and thus far it is going well.

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