Monday, June 22, 2015

Open Door

I am sorry it has been so long since I have updated this blog.  I still feel miserable that we were not able to adopt these children from Ukraine, but every door closed.  If anyone donated money for these particular kids and wants us to refund it, please contact me.

That said, I'm really excited about the door that the Lord seems to be opening for us, to adopt a little boy with Down syndrome from Hong Kong (if all goes well, and our match is approved).

It's kind of a long story, but here it is:

It all started when the Army told us we were going to be moving to Hawaii this summer.  This was unexpected, but we were certainly willing to go wherever the Lord would have us to go.

Since we were going to be moving to the Pacific area, Troy suggested that I see which countries might be available for us to adopt from in that area.  Now, our family is limited on options because we already have 6 children in our home, but I did find that we were eligible to adopt from Hong Kong, and I found a beautiful little boy (Sunny) listed on multiple adoption sites for Hong Kong.

I inquired about Sunny and found that he was indeed available for adoption, but that multiple families were already interested in pursuing his adoption.  We submitted our information anyway and prayed for the Lord's will to be done.  After all the heartache and closed doors with the Ukrainian adoption, we wanted to be sure it was His doing.

The adoption agency we contacted (a nice, Christian organization) was very interested when they heard that we already had a child with Down syndrome, and thus experience with Sunny's special need.  They asked us to submit an application, and they put our application forward to the adoption agency in Hong Kong who oversees these things.

To make a long story a bit shorter, they tentatively accepted our family!  So, we are working toward the adoption.  Our home study is complete and has been submitted to DSS for approval.  After this, the home study will be sent, and also our application for an I-800A, to homeland security for approval.

It sounds like we still have around a year left in the process (we pray it will be completed sooner!), but the doors are continuing to open, so we are hopeful.