Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Need Prayer for Speed!

We need prayer!  We finally received our last apostilled documents (certification of the notaries) from the Department of State, which completes our adoption packet that needs to be sent to Ukraine.  We will get that sent to our facilitator today, expedited (Lord willing).

BUT, there's one problem.  One of our documents was prepared and dated WAYYYY back on Jan. 10.  This means that our packet MUST be turned in to the Ukrainian government by July 10 or it is invalid.  And all of it needs to be translated into Ukrainian by that point, also.

If it's not there by July 10, we're going to have to re-do some of the paperwork, one of which is a form that had to be send to Washington DC for apostilling, which means another long wait.  And sending things to Ukraine is PRICEY!

So, please pray for the Lord to speed this packet along, and that our facilitator will have time to get it prepared and submitted in time.

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