Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Working Toward Adoption

There's so much to do! I never knew how much was involved in the process of adopting, but there sure is a lot. Since we started pursuing Yuri's adoption at the beginning of September, we have been working on contacting a social worker, getting in touch with the Ukrainian adoption advocate, filling out LOTS of paperwork, getting medical exams and labs, and getting the house ready for the home study. Getting a house ready is always challenging (for us). Since there are 8 of us home all day long, we tend to do a lot of "living" in our house. Add to that our "stuff" (and especially all the educational resources), and things can get rather lived in rather quickly. PLUS, we just moved into this house at the end of April, so things have not gotten entirely unpacked yet. Our home study is scheduled for this Friday morning, if all goes well. We would appreciate your prayers, not only in this, but every step of the way!

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