Thursday, September 26, 2013

Will you pray?

There are so many more children needing adoption, both here in the US, and overseas.  Just last night, we were talking with some friends whose own kids are grown, and who are now taking the step to adopt through the state.

And then there are the pictures of children we keep getting from our Ukrainian contact.  But we can't adopt them all!  It breaks my heart to know that they will be left there, neglected in the orphanage, unless someone steps up to adopt them.

So, what about you?  Is the Lord calling you to adopt a child?  A sibling group?  Have you asked Him?

Please pray.  Pray for these kids who need a home.  And, while you're at it, ask the Lord if He would like to bless you with one of these precious gifts.


  1. Thank you for posting this. All three of these children are so sweet. I pray for them, too. I especially have a heart for the little girl, Olya.

  2. I am definitely praying for them. Could you tell me the name of the little girl on the bottom? I have a heart for kids with hydrocephalus {assuming she has it} and would love to pray for her by name.

    1. It's actually a little boy on the bottom (sometimes they dress them in what we would consider to be girls' clothes). His name is Sergey. He is three.

    2. Thank you. I totally understand. I live in Uganda and they do the same thing. I'll be praying for little Sergey.